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Blackburn radio control model plane

Gordon holding the Blackburn

Welcome to Electric Plane by Gordon! My name is Gordon, and in this website I cover all aspects of the electric powered radio control model aircraft hobby.

Design, build and fly your own RC design

I cover a wide range of topics you will need to know to design, build and fly today’s electric powered model planes. Kits, plans and ready to fly variants are reviewed and discussed.  Be sure to always obtain the latest updates by checking the “Blog” section of the pull-down menus the top of the website.

I discuss practical rules of thumb you can use to draw up your own original model aircraft designs.

You will need to prepare a set of construction plans for your project. I cover that with the use of TurboCAD.

Gordon holding the Electro Aviator model plane

Gordon holding the Electro Aviator model plane

TurboCAD is a powerful, affordable and easy to learn consumer computer aided drawing (CAD) computer program that I have been using since 2002 and is ideal for preparing model aircraft plans.

Guillow Lancer model airplane

Guillow Lancer – free flight conversion to RC

I provide pointers and advice to build your electric powered radio control models and designs. I have been building model planes since 1972 and I am happy to share all that I have learned in this area.

These construction tips can be applied to any building project you take on, whether the airplane be made from plans, a kit or a modification of an existing plane.

The 1912 Blackburn Type D is a great example of an easy to build RC model from CAD plans that  can be detailed  to provide an attractive scale flyer.

Publish your design

I have had six of my own original model aircraft designs published in the modeling press. My most recent effort is the 1911 Fokker

Chickadee RC model plane

Chickadee with Spektrum transmitter

“Spin” which was presented in Quiet and Electric Flight International magazine December 2013 issue.

I share with you how to get your design prepared, packaged and accepted for publication. Perhaps one day you can have an original design be included in one of the modeling magazines.

Free flight and RC

There is a rich heritage of free flight aircraft produced since the earliest days of modeling. These airplanes were designed to fly on their own, without the advantage of a pilot helping things along from the ground. They typically display excellent flying characteristics.

Free flight aircraft make ideal candidates for conversion to radio control flight. I cover these free flight to RC conversions in detail, with a great example being the popular line of Guillow balsa kits.

Fokker Spin RC model plane

1911 Fokker Spin – plans for sale on site

Ready to fly electric airplanes are an integral part of today’s model flying scene. It is impossible to cover all of these aircraft as there are so many, but I will include selected reviews of these remarkable flyers.

All RC pilots have a few of these RTF birds in their hangar. They are great for having some fun and keeping your flight skills sharp.


Videos are a essential part of model aviation flight. I have 38 modeling videos on YouTube. Search gbmckay at the YouTube site to see what I have to offer.

This website is starting out and I am converting from my existing website at to a WordPress version. This update will provide a far better user experience.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a note!

Gordon McKay
Sugar Hill, GA

Blackburn Type D Monoplane fuselage side view

Blackburn Type D Monoplane fuselage side view