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Fokker Spin Enlargement and Video



Fokker Spin in flight

Fokker Spin in flight

Two updates added to the site this weekend. The first is a video of the final version of my 1911 Fokker Spin design, shown on the video page

The Spin is one of my favorite design projects.  The plane has a lot of character with its swept wings and flat frame fuselage, and the ability to easily add simulated rigging with the one of a kind fuselage cabane struts.  You can purchase a set of plans here.

As I usually do with my model airplane designs, I made two variants of the Spin.  The first is a prototype, to ensure the model will properly fly, has enough power, etc.  Once these details are squared away, a second version is built with all of the design inputs from the prototype incorporated.  I then add all of these improvements to the final set of plans.

The second item I added is a picture gallery of Werner’s wonderful version of the Spin.  Werner purchased a set of plans and enlarged them 225%.  This changed the wingspan from my design of 28 inches to Werner’s output with 63 inches. 

This larger model handles well and looks great in the air.  Plus, the larger size is ideal for adding details to the dummy motor, extensive flying wires and adding a pilot figure.  Enlarging plans is a great way to adapt any model airplane plan to create a personalized RC model.


View of pilot and dummy engine in Werner's enlarged Fokker Spin RC model

View of pilot and dummy engine in Werner’s enlarged Fokker Spin RC model