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World War I Aircraft Details

Interesting view of an early model World War I Bristol fighter. Note absence of a cowling.

Interesting view of an early model World War I Bristol fighter. Note absence of a cowling.

One of the neat things about the internet are the various websites you can discover that can assist with your current modeling efforts.

One such site, pointed out to me by one of my readers, is this one specializing on static (non-flying) “Great War”, or World War I aircraft. The site is extremely well done and contains a great amount of information on building and detailing 1:32 scale WW-I aircraft.

Details of rigging on aircraft tail section.

Details of rigging on aircraft tail section.

Although these models will not take to the air, these types of sites can be very useful to radio control modelers, as they demonstrate some easy to do actions that can aid greatly to the overall appearance of any model that we build and fly.

I like early era model aircraft such as the 1911 Fokker Spin or the 1912 Blackburn Monoplane. For my initial build of the Spin, it was not too much effort to add some thread rigging wires and a dummy motor. But after reviewing this site, I am inspired to make another version of the Spin with greater rigging detail. It really is not that difficult and the results speak for themselves.

And the section on the custom made spoke wheels is almost enough to design and build a model around these remarkable wheels!

TurboCAD Training Videos via DropBox

I have made many sales over the past few weeks of my TurboCAD training videos. Due to the large file size, I used to send the training via two CDs. I have since discovered the fantastic utility of DropBox and can now send you the video files instantly via e-mail. You download the 12 narrated video lessons to your computer from a link in the e-mail and are off and running!

TurboCAD really is an exceptional Computer Aided Design (CAD) course for the home user. I started with TurboCAD version 8 in 2000. There are now up to Version 21, and the price for the Deluxe version (all you need to draw any sort of radio control model plan) is around $130. You really cannot go wrong.

Following is a very nice note sent to me by Ralph, from the United Kingdom, on his purchase of these TurboCAD training videos:

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for your swift response to my purchase of your product.

There were no problems whatsoever in downloading and extracting the files.

Indeed, I have watched the first two tutorials this evening (UK time).

The explanations for the various different aspects of CAD drawing are certainly thorough enough for me to make sense of it all.

I have had a copy of TurboCAD for quite some time and had absolutely no idea about how to use it – until now.

Again, many thanks.

Best regards,


Drawing RC model plans is really quite easy once you learn the basics of TurboCAD. The Fokker Spin plan below is my most recent effort via TurboCAD.  Give it a try!


Construction plan for the Fokker Spin fuselage

Construction plan for the Fokker Spin fuselage