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Guillow Lancer Conversion

I added a page today on converting the Guillow Lancer free flight model airplane kit to radio control flight.  This conversion came out very well using the ParkZone line of micro-electronics.

The finished weight was right at two ounces.  The model flies very well.  Review the full planning process and construction details to include a video.

Front view of completed Guillow Lancer

Front view of completed Guillow Lancer

New Sitemap Added

Sometimes it is the little things in life that make a difference.  In this case, I have finally installed a useful Sitemap!

Simply click on the “Sitemap” tab just below the Sig Demoiselle picture on the upper banner.  The sitemap is pretty cool.  It lists every page on the site, as well as each Blog post as it relates to the various categories.

WordPress is an incredible program for anyone wanting an easy to use and incredibly functional tuood to build and maintain a website.  I used Dreamweaver for several years.  While DW was an industry standard program it took a LOT of time and effort to get a Dreamweaver site to where you wanted it.

I look forward to further updates on this site now that my Mesa training has reached a leveling off point.  Thanks again for stopping by!

Mesa Training Complete!

I am officially complete with training as a First Officer for Mesa Airlines, flying the CRJ-700 aircraft for United Express at Washington Dulles airport. It was a great journey since my start on January 20, 2015.

Gordon in CRJ 700 cockpit

Gordon in CRJ 700 cockpit

The final phase of training called for by the Part 121 (Scheduled Air Carrier) regulations is referred to as Consolidation.

Consolidation requires that pilots fly 100 hours in their new aircraft within 120 days of getting the type rating in the simulator. The idea behind this is to ensure the new aviators (read: most junior pilots) have an initial schedule priority to obtain real-world line flying experience while their training is still fresh.

United Express CRJ 700 on Dulles ramp

United Express CRJ 700 on Dulles ramp

So, I have 102 hours in the jet as of 2 June. I am home for a few days and will be on a Reserve status at Dulles for the remainder of June.

This means I can clean up a few items on the website and focus on my next building project.

The first edit is under the “Store” tab. One of the most popular offerings on the site remains the TurboCAD training videos. TurboCAD is the program for home builders to draw model aircraft plans. TurboCAD is affordable and easy to use once you understand a few basics of how a typical CAD program works.

In almost three hours of narrated videos I show you how to draw a model airplane from a clean sheet of paper to a finished plan. Take a look at the page for further details.



As for my next project I plan on a radio control conversion of the Guillow’s Arrow model airplane kit. I’ve purchased the kit, please check in periodically for progress on this build. Should make for a fun indoor flyer!