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Guillow RC Conversions

It has been an extremely busy month for me, but all good.

Atlanta Hobby shop - lots of good electric RC stuff!

Atlanta Hobby shop – lots of good electric RC stuff!

First, my flying with Mesa for United Express at Washington Dulles airport is going very well. I am now at 150 hours in the CRJ-700 aircraft and learning a lot about Part 121 (airline) flight operations.

Second, we are moving to the Atlanta, Georgia area. This move has been in the works for a while, but events started moving quickly earlier this month. We have an accepted offer on a house and plan to close on August 11th.

Guillow's Avenger balsa frame, ready for covering

Guillow’s Avenger balsa frame, ready for covering

This move is good for a variety of family reasons. One of the nicer personal ones is that I will be able to focus on building and designing larger electric radio control models now that I have a garage to work in and can fly in outdoor fields. I did not have the building space while living in the Chicago area, thus the focus on smaller indoor models. This will all change as the move to Atlanta progresses.

For a minor preview of what is ahead in Georgia area modeling check out my visit to Atlanta Hobby, one of the country’s largest electric modeling outfits. Great group of folks and I look forward to working with them.

Finally, I added a page on converting Guillow model aircraft kits from free flight to radio control. Guillow kits have always been popular with modelers. The new miniature RC electronics, batteries and motors made these conversions entirely feasible. Give it a try. The conversions work well, are a lot of fun and add some diversity to your flying fleet.