Ares Tiger Moth First Impressions


I flew the new Ares Tiger Moth 75 this past Monday. See my write up here.

Tiger Moth 75 in flight

Tiger Moth in flight

I am very impressed with this remarkable ready to fly model. The Tiger Moth flies and handles like a much larger model aircraft. The plane has plenty of power and the controls have a positive feel.

The Tiger Moth uses an innovative combination of a linear servo for the elevator combined with a magnetic actuator for the rudder.  This attention to detail results in the lightest weigh possible for this semi-scale flyer.

Top view of the Ares Tiger Moth 75 RTF biplane

Tiger Moth top view

The Tiger Moth uses powerful tiny magnets to hold the structure together.  Magnets keep the landing gear, bottom wing, four struts and lipo battery in place.  This is a wonderful feature as the components simply pop off if you have a bump or hard landing, preventing damage.  And it takes just a moment to put everything back together.

The Tiger Moth can takeoff from the ground or start flight with a hand launch. The model is  maneuverable and has a crisp response to control inputs.  The larger rudder provides for tight turns with no indication of a stall.

The Tiger Moth is an affordable addition to anyone’s indoor flying fleet. You cannot go wrong adding this ready to fly micro RC plane to your model collection.