ASL Valkyrie B. “Racer”

One of the pleasant aspects with hosting a website on electric radio control aircraft is hearing from folks literally around the world on their modeling activities.

A great example is Werner from Germany. Earlier, Werner took my plans for the Fokker Spin and enlarged them, making for a very nice scale model of this historic aircraft.

Werner sent me a photo of his latest model, that of a British experimental aircraft, the Aeornautical Syndicate Ltd. Valkyrie B., or Racer.

Plan notations for Werner's Valkrie RC model plane

Plan notations for Werner’s Valkrie RC model plane

This line of canard pusher-motor aircraft was designed by Horatio Barber and constructed by Howard Wright. The first in the series, ASL Monoplane no. 2 was first flown at Larkhill on Salisbury Plain in 1910.

Subsequent Valkyrie variants were produced over the next few years, all offering the same general arrangement with a pusher motor, a pair of fore planes (one fixed and the other moveable) and twin rudders.

At least 12 Valkyries were produced from 1910-1912. ASL set up a flying school at Hendon using these aircraft for training and demonstration purposes. I cannot imagine what is must have been like learning to fly on an aircraft like this, sitting in the open with an engine roaring right behind you.

Four of these aircraft were offered to the War Office for evaluation regarding military missions. While a successful design for the period, the Valkyrie was consider challenging to fly and the War Office did not pursue the model type further. During this time great advances were made with tractor mounted engines and more enclosed cockpits that eclipsed the unique setup of the Valkyrie.

Werner did a superb job capturing this one of a kind aircraft with a successful RC flying model. Note the fixed upper forward canard with the controlling surface located underneath, and three rudders installed behind the wing.

Werner’s model is a terrific example of what can be done with modeling distinctive full scale aircraft.  More information to follow!

Werner's scale model of the Valkyrie type B "Racer"

Werner’s scale model of the Valkyrie type B “Racer”