February Update

I am happy to report that the move to our new house in Georgia is going exceptionally well. We are truly getting settled in. With regards to modeling activities the big news item is that work on refinishing the basement started on January 18th.

What this means for me is that for the first time in a long while I will have a dedicated workshop! I am very happy at this turn of events and looking forward to getting things set up right. Among other things I will now have the space to build larger electric models, which will open up an entire new area, for me, of electric RC. Planned finish date for the basement is March 30th.

Gordon at Boston Logan Airport

Gordon at Boston Logan Airport

Work at Mesa has been busy. I am learning a lot about flying jets in the northeast during the winter. De-icing procedures, weather diversion, landing in snowy conditions, etc. All good!

I finished my first annual simulator and classroom training in Phoenix three days ago. The Mesa instructors are exceptional and it was a good chance to catch up on a variety of Part 121 airline flying topics. The simulators are challenging with the various emergency profiles that must be flown, but again a great chance to further sharpen your flying skills.

On a personal note I made my initial flight as a First Officer with Mesa Airlines to Boston’s Logan Airport a week ago. This was special as I did my early aviation training in the Boston area. Logan was too big to fly into via general aviation since around the mid-1970s. So it was a thrill to actually get a chance to fly a CRJ-700 to this very nice airport, located right on the Boston harbor waterfront.

We actually had several snow flurries today. I am looking forward to the warmer weather ahead, a new workshop and the chance to really get back into radio control model airplane design and flight. Stay tuned!