Model Airplane Videos

Included on this page are YouTube model airplane videos of my various radio control projects. These videos cover a range of topics to include how to create original model aircraft designs, flight tests of ready to fly RC models, kit reviews, results of converting free flight models to RC flight and instructional videos on how to use the TurboCAD computer drafting program to prepare your own set of model aircraft plans.

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Fokker Spin Plans

The Fokker Spin was designed and built in 1911 by the famed Anthony Fokker, who went on to create some of the most capable fighter aircraft of World War I.

Plans are available here for the Spin.  My version has a 28 inch wing span and uses the popular ParkZone line of micro electronics and electric motor.

The Spin is easy to build and can be flown both indoors and outside under calm wind conditions.  The aircraft uses a simple flat frame for the fuselage.  The aft swept wings add to the airplanes visual appeal, and does the unique all-moving top and bottom rudder.  The multiple cabane strut arrangement and numerous flying wires are simple to replicate in the model.

Some addition pictures of the Spin can be seen here, as well as Werner’s enlargement by 225%.

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 E-Fest Indoor RC Model Plane Show

The E-Fest indoor RC plane meet is held every year in late January/early February at the University of Illinois in Champaign.  The site is a marvelous indoor Armory and field house, ideal for this modeling event.  E-Fest is, in my opinion, the premier indoor RC electric plane event in the States. Champaign is a two hour drive south of Chicago.  E-Fest is well worth the trip, and should be on every modeler’s travel itinerary.

1912 Blackburn Type D Monoplane CAD Plans

The 1912 Blackburn Type D monoplane is a 46 inch wing span three channel scale model made from CAD plans. The Blackburn has generous wing and tail surface areas that provide for a smooth and relaxing flyer. The Blackburn is made from balsa ply, and uses normal building techniques. The model is easy to detail with rigging wires and the distinctive, wide stance landing gear. Several modelers have modeled the Blackburn, all with superb results. Purchase a set of plans and build one for yourself.


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Ares Tiger Moth

The Ares Tiger Moth 75 is a three channel foam RC model plane. The Tiger Moth weighs just a half ounce yet flies and handles like a much larger model. A unique feature of the Tiger Moth is the tiny magnets that hold various aircraft components together. The magnets save weight by allowing the use of less glue. If you bump into something the parts just pop off without any damage. Note at the end of the video an accidental midair. The Tiger Moth was put back together and flying in less than five minutes.


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Mini Vapor

The Park Zone Mini Vapor comes completely ready to fly. The model weighs an incredible 8.5 grams, around one third of an ounce. The Mini Vapor has three channels of radio control. The Mini Vapor has plenty of power from its tiny motor. The model takes off in a few feet and likes flying slow at a 45 degree nose high attitude. The all-moving control surfaces provide crisp and positive control response. The Mini Vapor can be flown by a new pilot and would make an ideal trainer.


Sig Demoiselle

The Demoiselle was designed in 1909 by Alberto Santos Dumont and first flown in France. The Demoiselle was an advanced design for those early days of flight, employing an innovative lightweight fuselage structure made of bamboo with an all-moving tail unit to provide control. Sig did a great job on the engineering for this challenging modeling subject.

Sig has produced a superb three channel RC kit of the Demoiselle.  The kit comes with a complete photo illustrated construction guide and a detailed set of CAD plans. All wood parts are precisely laser cut. Even the electric motor, mount and large size wheels are included. You will need some experience constructing two or three other kits before tackling this project. The key item is to read, understand and follow the well written instructions. Sig includes a detailed discussion of how to fly this high drag, slow flying model using the proper combination of pitch and power.  Follow the clearly written test flight instructions and you will be rewarded with an attractive and smooth flying model.


TurboCAD computer drafting program

TurboCAD offers an affordable and intuitive computer aided design (CAD) program that is ideal for anyone wanting to prepare a set of model aircraft plans. Drawing two dimensional (2D) plans with TurboCAD is easy once you learn “how the program thinks.” I created a two CD set of narrated training videos, lasting over two hours and 50 minutes that teach you step-by-step how to use the various tools, commands and actions within TurboCAD to prepare a set of aircraft plans. Through the course of the training I go from a clean sheet of paper to a finished plan of a three channel sport flyer that I have dubbed the “Snapper.” I demonstrate and explain how to draw a complete plan consisting of the wing, ribs, fuselage, tail surfaces and text annotations. Every action needed to become proficient with TurboCAD is clearly demonstrated and explained. You do not need the TurboCAD program installed on your computer to view the training videos, as they can be viewed with the free Window Media player.


Electro Aviator

The Electro Aviator is a four channel sport flyer constructed from CAD plans.  The Electro Aviator is my second model airplane design and was published in Quiet and Electric Flight International magazine. The Electro Aviator is a great first time plans built model.  The plane uses normal construction materials of balsa and plywood.  There are not any unusual construction techniques needed. You will see in the video that I used a laser cutting service to make a “kit” of the balsa and plywood parts.  You can do this as well. I include the plans via e-mail in a PDF and CAD format.  Simply e-mail the plan files to a laser service and get in return a complete set of precisely cut parts for your model.