Modeling Tools

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I like to build RC model planes and I certainly encourage others to give this aspect of the hobby a try. With the proliferation of almost and ready to fly radio control models there is a distinct lack of kit and plans build models at your typical flying field.

Interestingly enough, with the universal use of computer aided design and laser cutting machines, there is a wide range of high quality model airplane kits available. It really is very easy these days to find and build your own kit. Stevens Aero with their step-by-step photo illustrated guides is a perfect example of this trend.

All metal "The Jigs Up" jig used to hold electrical components in place for precise soldering

All metal “The Jigs Up” jig used to hold electrical components in place for precise soldering

As you build a model airplane it is imperative that you have the right tools for the various tasks ahead. There are a range of tools needed and some modelers have more than others. But is it necessary to have at least the basics to get the job done.

A great example of this discussion involves electrical soldering. If you fly electric radio control models, at some point you will have to do some basic soldering. This can involve hooking up electrical plugs such as Dean connectors or putting gold bullet plugs to connect the motor to the electronic speed control.

While I will not go into the details of how to solder on this post, it is vital that you have the correct tools, such as a hot solder iron and fixture jig.

You can see here a neat tool that is an immeasurable assist with soldering, and that is a jig to hold the wires and connectors in place. Soldering a joint involves a rapid application of heat to the connection as solder is flowed on. There is no way to simply put the pieces in place on a table and hope the solder joint comes out well. You have to have some sort of jig to properly hold everything precisely in place.

I found this Whats Up soldering jig via a Google search, which is an great method to search for anything related to RC. A few clicks later and the device was in my workshop.

In summary, you absolutely must get the right tools to build any model airplane correctly. Tools are a perfect investment, last a lifetime and produce superior flying models.