Moskal Blackburn Gallery


Steve Moskal did a fantastic job with his build of the Blackburn from my plans. See construction and flight pictures below.

Steve is a true craftsman, with his attention to detail on everything from silver soldering the fuselage wing post strut and tail skid to the use of real metal plating on the cowl.

Steve also demonstrated one of the advantages of building from plans, and that is the ability to easily modify and improve on the original design. Note that Steve intends to fly his Blackburn outdoors. The wing section needed to be strengthened.

Steve added upper and lower balsa spars. These spars were further strengthened with vertical grain balsa shear webs. This approach makes for a very strong and rigid wing section, ideal for gluing in place metal tubes for the wing attachment points.

The pictures provide insight on other aspects of Steve’s project. Best of luck with your build of the 1912 Blackburn Type D Monoplane. You can purchase CAD plans under the Store button. The Blackburn is an attractive and nice flying radio control model.