ParkZone Mini Vapor First Impressions


I flew my new ParkZone Mini Vapor for the first time this past Monday. See my write up here.

Front view of the ParkZone Mini Vapor

Mini Vapor front view

I am extremely impressed with this remarkable little model. It flies and handles like a much larger and heavier aircraft. The Mini Vapor has plenty of power, exhibits balanced controls and is great fun to maneuver close in.

The Mini Vapor has a wingspan of 8.7 inches and weighs a mere 8.5 grams. I am quite sure this is the lightest production ready to fly RC model airplane available.

The Mini Vapor uses three channels of fully proportional radio control. Two linear servos connect to the all-moving rudder and elevators for positive control authority. The tiny brushless motor is operated by the receiver’s electronic speed control.

Mini Vapor demonstrating close in flight

Demonstrating close in flight

Design attention to detail clear as you examine the aircraft. All efforts are focused on keeping the weight to an absolute minimum. Lander gear placement, wing post attachment tail surface connections are delicate, yet secure. There is even an airfoil shape built into the film covered wing.

The Mini Vapor can takeoff from the ground or start flight with a hand launch. The model is very maneuverable and has a crisp response to control inputs. Nose high slow flight is the Vapor’s forte. With practice, hovers of a sort can be demonstrated. An occasional loop/flip can be flown as well.

The Mini Vapor is an affordable addition to anyone’s indoor flying fleet. The model’s slow flight characteristics make for a great trainer. You cannot go wrong with this fun and ready to fly ultra micro indoor RC model plane.