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TurboCAD video training files – Two hours 50 minutes for $16.95

TurboCAD training CDs

Video files formerly on two CDs, now sent via e-mail

TurboCAD is an affordable and richly featured computer aided design (CAD) program that is ideal for preparing a set of model aircraft plans. Of my six published RC model plane designs, five of the plans were drawn with TurboCAD. I hand drew my first plan, for the Yankee Mike in 1997, as practical home use CAD programs did not really exist at that time.

TurboCAD is exceptionally easy to use once you gain an understanding of commands such as snap, trim, mirror and rotate. These phrases and actions may not be clear to the first time CAD user. But once you comprehend the intent and reasoning behind these common CAD procedures everything falls into place very quickly.

Yard Ace plan showing fuselage details

Yard Ace plan drawn with TurboCAD

To help the first time CAD user, I created 12 practical, hands on training videos lasting almost three hours on how to use TurboCAD to design a typical radio control model airplane. I discuss the user concepts behind TurboCAD. I then proceed in a step by step approach to demonstrate all the features of TurboCAD as I go from a clean sheet of paper to a finished model airplane design.

This TurboCAD training, available for $16.95 plus handling, contains two hours and 50 minutes of narrated video of TurboCAD in use. Every step of the way on drawing a model airplane plan is explained and demonstrated. You will save hours of studying the TurboCAD manual after viewing these instructional videos.

Please note that you DO NOT need to have TurboCAD installed on your computer to view these files.  They can be viewed with Media Player or any other commonly used video playback program.  See YouTube video below.



I am self-taught with TurboCAD. There is no need for you to go through the same lengthy learning process. Let me save you a bunch of time with this set of 12 video training lessons. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy drawing a set of plans can be with the use of TurboCAD.

TurboCAD Video Training CDs


Purchase TurboCAD Deluxe for just $129.99

TurboCAD is an extremely capable and affordable computer aided design (CAD) program. TurboCAD is ideal for preparing model aircraft plans. All of my CAD plans on this site were drawn with TurboCAD.

Click on the box below to order a copy of TurboCAD Version 20 for yourself. The Deluxe version is fine for anything you will want to accomplish drawing 2D model aircraft plans. Version 20 will be entirely suitable for designing radio control models.

TurboCAD Deluxe 20

I started with TurboCAD version 8 in 2002 and used it for several years. I upgraded to Version 16 in 2011 and the changes were minor for plan preparation. TurboCAD includes both 2D and 3D tools and most of the changes are in the 3D section of the program. All you will need for model airplane plan preparation is the 2D portion. The other advantage of purchasing a later version of TurboCAD is that the program is optimized for the most recent computer operating systems.

Any CAD program takes some time to learn and understand. TurboCAD is one of the easiest CAD programs to grasp. The user interface is clear and the addition of an “Inspector Bar” is a tremendously helpful reminder of your next action when using the various drawing tools.

For further help with quickly learning TurboCAD see my two hours and 50 minutes of video training CDs for sale below. I will take you from a clean sheet of paper to a finished model aircraft design using TurboCAD, explaining every step of the way.

TurboCAD makes perfect sense once you understand how the program is structured. These training videos will save you a lot of time.


 1911 Fokker Spin CAD plans – $6.95

Fokker Spin side view with dummy rigging in place

Fokker Spin side view with thread rigging in place

The famed World War I fighter aircraft designer, Anthony Fokker, designed the full scale Spin in 1911 to teach himself how to fly. My model of the Fokker Spin is a 28 inch wingspan version that uses the popular ParkZone line of radio control electronics and geared electric motor. The Spin uses three channels of control for rudder, elevator and throttle.

Spin CAD plans are for sale for $6.95. The plans are on three sheets. I will send the plans to you via e-mail in a PDF format. The plans print out on regular 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper. You will need to enlarge the plans 279% to full size. I use a nearby FedEx Office store and one of their scanners for the plan enlargement with great results.

Fokker Spin in flight

Fokker Spin in flight

I will also include the Spin’s CAD plan files with your order. If you have a CAD program on your computer you can print out full size plans at home.

The Spin is constructed from normal building materials of balsa and light plywood, with bamboo skewers (from the local grocery store) for the landing gear and tail skid.

A complete construction guide is included along with a bill of materials.

The Spin is a distinctive aircraft that is easy to build and not an overdone subject. The thread rigging wires, distinctive landing gear and exposed motor offer great opportunities for adding detail.

Fokker Spin Plans $6.95


Blackburn and Chickadee CAD plans – $7.00

1912 Blackburn Type D Monoplane front view

1912 Blackburn Type D Monoplane front view

The full scale Blackburn, designed in 1912, was one of the earliest aircraft built in the United Kingdom. The Blackburn exudes character that is easy to replicate. The Blackburn Type D monoplane makes for an ideal RC model airplane.

1912 Blackburn radio control model plane in flight

1912 Blackburn Monoplane in flight

My model of the Blackburn uses three channels of control with rudder, elevator and throttle. The design has a 46 inch wingspan, is 37 inches in length, has a wing chord of 10 inches and weighs less than 14 ounces.

Included with the Blackburn plans are a free set of Chickadee plans. Both plans are available for $7.00. The Chickadee shares similar construction procedures with the Blackburn and offers a quick build with its open frame fuselage.

Both plans are printed on 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper. The plans will need to be enlarged at a local copy center to full size. Enlargement ratios are shown on the plans.

Chickadee electric RC plane front view

Chickadee electric RC plane front view

The Blackburn contains plenty of internal fuselage volume for your radio equipment and displays a unique triangular fuselage cross section that adds to the visual signature. The Blackburn’s constant chord wings provide for a simplified build and the large tail surfaces translate well for a stable flight profile.

The Blackburn’s distinctive cowl and undercarriage are straightforward to construct and add to the overall appeal of this timeless pioneer of flight. The Blackburn’s CAD plans are easy to follow and contain all the information needed to quickly construct this slow flying model.

Blackburn Plan


Electro Aviator plans – $5.00

Gordon holding the Electro Aviator model plane

Gordon holding the Electro Aviator model plane

The Electro Aviator is an attractive, easy to build and smooth flying four channel electric powered sport design. The model has a 38 inch wingspan, a fuselage length of 32 inches and an average wing chord of 10 inches. Target weight is planned for 25 ounces.

I will send the Electro Aviator plans via e-mail. The plans are on five (5) sheets in a PDF format and need to be enlarged 343%.  PDF files can be printed on any computer via the Adobe PDF reader.

I will also in the plans on three CAD formats: TurboCAD, AutoCAD Native Format and Drawing eXchange Format.

The Electro Aviator is built with balsa and plywood and uses conventional construction techniques. Anyone who has built an RC plane from a kit can build an Electro Aviator.

The Electro Aviator is pleasing to fly with no unusual handling characteristics. With its ample wing area, light weight and a powerful motor, the Electro Aviator lifts off quickly and is a natural slow flyer. Try one for yourself!

Electro Aviator Plan via e-mail $5.00