Southern Air Training

Things remain on track for my departure this weekend for Southern Air B-777F training.

I’ll head up to Cincinnati airport and attend one week of indoctrination lessons. This is normal class room instruction for any new airline pilot. Subjects include various FAA regulations and particular airline operations.

Inflight shot of a Southern Air B-777F

Inflight shot of a Southern Air B-777F

After indoc will be computer based training on B-777F aircraft systems. After that I will head down to Miami and attend Boeing simulator training. Will be a busy few months ahead.

Since my last flight at Mesa Airlines on Dec 19th I was not able to do any radio control modeling to speak of. There is a ton of very useful B-777 study materials out there and I took advantage of this time between jobs to prepare as much as possible for Southern Air training.

Of note to me is the incredible advances with computer simulations. The results of today’s computer and flight simulation programs are truly stunning.

YouTube has a number of videos that show folks demonstrating various airline simulation programs. A good example is Nick’s B-777 sim video showing the incredible cockpit detail, typical systems start up and a hand flown flight around the his local airport.

Screen capture of a YouTube video of a B-777 computer flight simulator program

Screen capture of a YouTube video of a B-777 computer flight simulator program

A second source of computer simulation instruction is a very new website at Airline2Sim. This site offers “cadet instruction” for various airliners. In my case I purchased the B-777 course for $40. The narrated videos contain around 20 hours of instruction on everything from the aircraft walk around and pre-flight to all cockpit checks and flight performance.

The neatest thing about Airline2Sim is that the videos are narrated by a veteran United Airlines Captain with 12 years experience flying the B-777 around the world. The videos are the most detailed and useful aviation instruction I have received in 42 years of flying. If you have any interest at all in this aspect of flying, the course is well worth the price.

That’s it for now. Plans and TurboCAD training video is available while I am away. I will post as able regarding my Southern Air training. And of course, lots to look forward to with radio control flight once I am complete!