Werner’s 1911 Fokker Spin


In this gallery are some detailed pictures of Werner’s special built of the Fokker Spin from my CAD plans, available here.

My version of the 1911 Spin had a 28 inch wingspan, sized to fit the ParkZone line of micro-electronics and geared motor.  Using the ParkZone equipment eliminates any of the guess work with selecting the right radio control gear for small models of this type.

Werner, hailing from Germany, took my plans and enlarged them 225%.  This produced a model with a 63 inch wingspan, and a lot more opportunity to add details such as a dummy motor, flying wires and a pilot figure.

It is easy enough to enlarge the plans, as this can be done at any copy center.  It is a bit more effort to adapt the structure of this newly sized model.  Wood sizes, spars and wing attachment schemes must be essentially “re-designed” into this larger variant to ensure the model is strong enough to safely stay together at these higher flight weights.

The nice thing about enlarging plans is that you can create any model to suit your desired size of model and type of flying.  Werner did a great job with his enlargement of the Spins plans.  Werner’s expert craftsmanship is clear in each of the photos.

Author:  Gordon McKay