Werner’s Blackburn


Engine and nose detail of Werner's 1912 Blackburn Type D Monoplane

Engine and nose detail of Werner’s 1912 Blackburn Type D Monoplane

It’s always nice when someone builds a radio control model from plans you drew up,  and then thoughtfully shares pictures of their finished aircraft.

Werner did this today with his build of my 1912 Blackburn Type D Monoplane plan.  Werner did an exceptional job with the construction.  Werner enlarged the plans 125% to make a slightly larger model.  This is a common technique, and allows anyone to make yet another variation of an existing design.

Front view of Werner's Blackburn RC model plane - 125% of plan size

Front view of Werner’s Blackburn – 125% of plan size

The Blackburn makes for a pleasant flying three channel RC model.  Aircraft of that era needed plenty of wing area to fly with the low powered engine available.  For a radio control model this abundance of wing area, usually combined with a light weight structure, makes for a low wing loading and leisurely flights.  In other words a flight profile just like the original full scale machine.

I might add that Werner not only shared two  photos but also added a YouTube video – see below!

Werner demonstrates exception control, close in slow flight, touch and goes and a beautiful landing with minimal roll out.  The spoke wheels add a lot to the visual appeal.  Job well done!