New Sitemap Added

Sometimes it is the little things in life that make a difference.  In this case, I have finally installed a useful Sitemap!

Simply click on the “Sitemap” tab just below the Sig Demoiselle picture on the upper banner.  The sitemap is pretty cool.  It lists every page on the site, as well as each Blog post as it relates to the various categories.

WordPress is an incredible program for anyone wanting an easy to use and incredibly functional tuood to build and maintain a website.  I used Dreamweaver for several years.  While DW was an industry standard program it took a LOT of time and effort to get a Dreamweaver site to where you wanted it.

I look forward to further updates on this site now that my Mesa training has reached a leveling off point.  Thanks again for stopping by!

Electro Aviator Plans For Sale


Electro Aviator model plane

Electro Aviator top view

I successfully made several updates to the website today. I am making steady progress with learning the various ins and outs of WordPress. WordPress is one amazing program for building a website, and I am looking forward to adding more content.

PayPal button

I now have my first PayPal button up, for the Electro Aviator CAD plans. The PayPal button is near the bottom of the page.

I designed the Electro Aviator in 2006 and the four channel model was published in March 2007 by Quiet and Electric Flight International magazine. The CAD plans are available via e-mail for $5.00. The files are in a CAD (Computer Aided Design) format. The three plan files are in TurboCAD, AutoCAD Native Format (DWG) and Drawing eXchange Format (DXF).

Printing CAD plans

The important point is that you will need some sort of CAD program or CAD file reader to open the files and print them out. This could be on your computer, a friend’s computer or at a local graphics store. If you have access to a plotter, the plans will print out full size.

Detail of Electro Aviator nose section drawn with TurboCAD

Detail of Electro Aviator nose section drawn with TurboCAD

The alternate way to make a full size paper copy of the Electro Aviator plans is to take the path I followed. TurboCAD (or whatever CAD program you are using) makes it very easy to print out your plans on regular 8.5” by 11” paper on your home printer, usually with a command along the lines of “Fit to Print.”

The print section will list a ratio of the “Fit to Size” print out as compared to the full size CAD plan. Convert this ratio to an enlargement ratio. At a printing shop such as FedEx/Kinko, they have computerized large format printers that will scan the smaller print of your plans and enlarge to whatever percentage size is entered into the scanner. It really is a neat capability, and a simple way to print out full size CAD plans from a smaller image, without the need for a plotter.

I included two views of the Electro Aviator plans on the web page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You can see the full set of plans followed by a detail of the forward fuselage.

TurboCAD is the answer for anyone wanting to draw a set of model aircraft plans. I have a very useful three hour narrated training CD I made that takes you step by step from a clean sheet of paper to a finished design. The CD is for sale at my older website, The CD will be available on this site shortly as I continue the migration.

TurboCAD plan for the Electro Aviator

TurboCAD plan for the Electro Aviator

Electro Aviator picture gallery

I also added a third picture gallery, this one for the Electro Aviator. I now know how to make the picture file size a bit smaller (with Photoshop) so that the pictures load quickly when called up in WordPress, but the pictures still retain their full detail. In the gallery the best way to view an image is to tap once on a thumbnail. The full size picture will show. Arrows underneath the picture let you advance. To return to the thumbnails, just tap on the full size picture once.


Picture Gallery and Demoiselle Video

I added a very useful plug in program today to display picture galleries.  See the one I posted today on the Sig Demoiselle here.  You can view the pictures as a slide show, or click on one of the pictures to view in full size.  Arrows at the bottom go to the next picture.  This is a great way to see close detail on the various model pictures.

I also completed a new update for the video of the Sig Demoiselle three channel RC airplane kit.  You can view the YouTube video here, towards the bottom of the page.

Sig did a superb job with the engineering of their kit.  The Demoiselle is not an easy aircraft to model, with its

Sig Demoiselle RC balsa kit

Demoiselle ready for flight

open fuselage frame and extremely short nose moment.  But Sig somehow figured it out, and the Demoiselle flies like a dream.

The original Demoiselle was designed in 1908 by the famed Brazilian aviator, Alberto Santos-Dumont, while he was living in Paris.  The plane was small with a 20 horsepower engine.

Santo-Dumont had a vision, and that vision was that others should be able to use and enjoy his remarkable aircraft.  Thus, Santo-Dumont made the plans for the Demoiselle available for anyone, in a word open source.  And this was in 1908, just amazing.

This led to the Demoiselle being the world’s first series production airplane, with around 20 lot from a planned production run of 50.