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Prototype of the Yankee Mike, my first model airplane design

Prototype of the Yankee Mike, my first model airplane design

One of the many nice things about radio control modeling and the internet these days is the abundance of model aircraft plans that can be purchased and downloaded on-line.

My site is a great example of this. I designed my first model airplane, the Yankee Mike, in 1998. RC Modeler magazine published the full size plan and construction article. Offering full size blue prints of various model aircraft construction plans was all part of the business model of RC magazines in those days. It was not uncommon to see three construction articles in a single issue.

As a side note I had to draw out, by hand, the full size Yankee Mike plan. Practical home use computer CAD programs just did not exist at that time. I mailed these depictions to RC Modeler magazine. A professional draftsman traced over my drawings to prepare the finished full size plan. Sadly, RC Modeler magazine went out of business several years ago.

On a happier note, you can still purchase many of these classic RC Modeler construction plans today.  A Google search will show several sources. RCM had some wonderful and original designs that would make ideal flyers today.

"Yankee Mike" construction article in 1998 RC Modeler magazine

“Yankee Mike” construction article in 1998 RC Modeler magazine

Since then I have had five additional model aircraft plans published in the modeling press and available for purchase on this site. For further details please see the Plans pull down menu on the home page.

But back to the subject of this post, how to enlarge a smaller aircraft plan drawing to full size. Any plan that you obtain from the internet typically will be a smaller size drawing that will need to be enlarged.

See my detailed page here on the subject of enlarging a model aircraft plan. The good news is that the free Adobe PDF reader has a built in function that easily allows you to set an enlargement ratio and print out 8.5” by 11” paper “tiles” on your home printer.

When all the tiles are printed out you tape them together for the full size construction plan. I’ve included Sheet One of the three Fokker “Spin” plan sheets for the demonstration that you can download and experiment with.

Following this method you can make any size plan you wish from a smaller PDF drawing. Recall that if a plan is downloaded in another format (say, a Word document) most programs have a “Save As” feature that allows you to save the file as a PDF document. Once you have the file in a PDF format you can use the enlarge (“Poster”) feature in the PDF Print dialogue screen to create the full size plan.

For those of you who have TurboCAD or some other CAD (Computer Aided Design) program installed on your computer I always include the full TurboCAD file when you purchase one of my model aircraft plans. TurboCAD has a built in feature that allows an enlargement of any plan with a tiling feature for the finished print out.


Spin Sheet 1 on a single page (left) and 150% enlargement (four tiles) at right

Spin Sheet 1 on a single page (left) and 150% enlargement (four tiles) at right